*When you rent an Indy Black Sign™, you agree to the following:

1. Obtain your own sign permit, if a permit in your area is required.

2. Payment for your Indy Black Sign rental is due PRIOR to delivery. 

3. Once sign location is decided upon, and the Indy Black Sign rental has been delivered, it can not be moved.

4. Under no circumstances are you allowed to attach anything to the Indy Black Sign.

5. You are not allowed to make any changes to the Indy Black Sign.

6. Your Indy Black Sign rental must be on your property.  If sign is to be placed elsewhere, permission must be granted by property owner.

7.  Once the Black Sign has been delivered, no refunds will be given.

8.  Indy Black Signs, LLC requires a minimum 10 day interval between consecutive Indy Black Sign rentals.  Sign messages are required to be different if a back-to-back rental order is placed.

*Your rental of an Indy Black Sign means you agree to, and will abide by these Policies.

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